Supply, install, repair, automate
Supply, install, repair, automate
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Make your life easier!

An automatic door or gate operator not only makes your life easier, it has to be one of the best investments you can make in your property, and they are much more affordable than you might think!  Our latest technology operators are quiet, reliable and only require minimal maintenance. Some of the latest models include bluetooth control option from your smart phone as standard!
For complete peace of mind all of our automation products meet the latest CE European directives and are marked as such.
We can either automate your existing garage door or gates if in good working order, or if not suitable we can supply and install a completely new garage door or gate with electric operation.

Opening your garage door from your car is not only easy, it's safe too. They operate on rolling code, secure, pre defined, wireless radio frequencies so at the touch of a button, the automatic operator quietly and efficiently opens the garage door. An internal light comes on every time the door is operated and stays on for approx 3 minutes illuminating the garage. You drive into the garage and the door can then be closed behind you. All without leaving the safety and comfort of your car.

The operator is programmed to operate within certain parameters so that if it hits some kind of obstacle while closing it will stop and reverse automatically. Hitting an obstacle whilst opening also causes the door to be stopped automatically. The door will not move until you check and clear the obstruction and then give the door another instruction to move. Electric gates operate in a similiar manner. There are also additional safety device options such as photo cells and safety edge strips available.


All of our garage door and gate operators can be disengaged to allow opening in case of power cuts. We also offer battery back up solutions for convenience or where there is no power source available. Operators are extremely efficient in use of power with most only requiring a normal 230v single phase supply and are protected by a 3 amp fuse so it is unlikely you will notice any increased electricity bills!

Why wait any longer?​

Our garage door operators and electric gate operators from Hormann and Marantec are amongst the most reliable units available are only distributed through authorised dealers. All of our door operators are belt drive 24v DC with 1 piece booms. These features add strength and reliability meaning less flex and less stress on the motor and control electrics. We really do think it wise to avoid operators with chain drive and 2 or 3 piece booms.


Our Hormann gate operators are electro hydraulic giving a long and reliable service life.


Our handsets are all rolling code which means that the unique security code which operates your door is changed automatically after every use. The old fashioned fixed code handsets can easily be scanned and cloned with obvious security issues!


Optional extras

Smartphone app

You can now conveniently control your garage door or gate with a secure app on your smartphone or tablet. Close your garage door from insde your home or from anywhere in the world. Easy to install and quick to setup through your router or over wireless. 



Additional handsets

All of our operators come with 2 x battery operated handsets included in the price. We can supply additional coded handsets up to a maximum of 12 per operator. We can supply handsets with 1 to 4 buttons which can be individually coded to operate different elements e.g. button 1 works lefrt hand garage door, button 2 works right hand garage door, button 3 works electric gates, button 4 works additional lighting etc. NB All operator handsets work off a unique fixed or rolling code so only your own handsets will open your doors or gates.




Additional safety devices

We can install photo cell systems and closing edge safety devices as appropriate to most types of doors and gates. Note however that some older systems are not compatible.


Internal pushbuttons

All of our operators can be operated from inside the garage with the remote control handsets. An optional pushbutton can also be fixed internally usually next to a side entrance door or pass door to the house. This pushbutton can be wired or battery operated. 


External wall switches

A weatherproof key operated wall switch or a numeric security pad can be fixed on the outside of the garage to allow access for persons without a handset. Useful for known vistors, gardeners, postmen etc. We can now even offer fingerprint entry systems!

External emergency release

Where the only access into a garage is by the garage door you must have a locked and secured external means of disengaging the operator in case of power cuts. There are several options available depending on type of door etc. We will advise you at the time that this will be required and include it in the price. If you currently have an electric door fitted by some other company without this facility please get one installed as soon as possible. We can usually help in this if you require further assistance.



Homelink is an operating control system optioned on some cars which have a handset installed on the car. This handset can be coded to work the doors and or gates. NB Not all homelink car installed systems will work all operators.



Anything else?

Please just ask, we may have the ideal solution!

Gate Automation

Automatic operation for your gates

If your existing gate(s) are in good working order it is usually possible to automate them. Plus we can make your electric gates work off the same handset as your electric garage door saving you having to carry several handsets. This is achieved by using multiple button handsets so one button works the door and one works the gates. They can also be fitted with many of the options, eg key switches etc as garage doors.

Opening your gates from your car is sometimes even more of a convenience than your garage door. Safely and securely open and close your gates without having to get out of your car. We can also set them up to automatically close after a set period of time still retaining there safety overrides.

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