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Supply, install, repair, automate
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Sectional Garage Door

You can gain extra drive through width and height and help keep leaves, snow and other debris out of your garage!


Sectional doors open straight up without swinging outwards allowing you maximum use of your driveway and to park right up to the door. They are normally installed behind the opening thereby maximising your drive through clearances. They can be fitted in a variety of applications including angular and arched garage openings. They are therefore ideal for refurbishing your garage as it could add value to your property whilst giving off a luxury feel.

The doors are available insulated or single skin and they provide a very effective seal against cold and windy weather. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, sectional doors can be manually operated or by electric remote control. You can operate our automatic sectional doors at the push of a button and from the comfort of your home or car.

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