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Side Hinged Garage Doors


Side hinged doors have excellent security and are of a good long lasting build quality.


We can install a traditional set of side hinged garage doors, manufactured here in Britain by Garador or Cardale. They are available in timber, ABS, GRP or finished steel. The main benefit of these doors is having the ability to only open one side of the door and they do not require any internal roof space. They do have drawbacks compared to other types of doors but are sometimes still the best solution.


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Side hinged doors are firmly framed and fixed at each side with door leafs which swing outwards onto your driveway. We can offer the traditional 50/50 split door arrangement or the latest options of a 1/3rd  2/3rd split with the door panels if this is your preference. Contact us if you have any queries.


Side Hinged Sectional Doors

The door for unusual spaces and awkward fitting requirements



The side sliding sectional door offers the advantages of:

1. A lot of space under the garage ceiling
Because the door opens to the side, you can use the entire ceiling of the garage, for example, to store surfboards or canoes. Thanks to its unique design, the side sliding sectional door can also be used in difficult fitting situations with sloped roofs.

2. Fast access to the garage
The so-called wicket door function is standard in the new side sliding sectional doors. This means that both manual and power-driven doors can be opened just a bit in order to get into the garage faster. This is practical and reduces waiting time if, for example, you just want to get your bicycle out of the garage.


These doors are the modern steel equivelant of some of the first sliding timber garage doors ever made. NB they are expensive compared to other types of doors!

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