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Up & Over Door

Up & over garage doors

These are one of the more traditional types of garage door and the one most commonly found in the UK. They have been developed over many years and the latest types of panels and mechanisms are light years away from their awkward and heavy predecessors.

Available in 2 operating mechanisms, canopy and retractable. The principal difference between the two is that the retractable type has horizontal tracks which guide the door almost fully into the garage. The canopy type have vertical tracks on the back of the frame which leaves approx one third of the door protruding when the door is opened. Retractable is the best type for automation. All up n over doors require a frame which can be either timber or a finished steel frame matched to the door.

Operating Mechanism 1


Up and over garage doors with canopy mechanism are ideal where the door is no larger than 8 feet wide and there is no requirement for electrical operation. There is no loss of drive through width with canopy type doors. (Canopy type doors can be automated but we do not recommend it). Canopy type doors have vertical tracks fitted to the rear of the frame and do not have horizontal tracks permanently fixed into the garage space. This means that when the door is closed there is nothing sitting inside the garage space.


Operating Mechanism 2

Retractable & Retractable plus

Up and over garage doors with retractable mechanism are ideal for all sizes of up and over doors both manual and electric. Retractable type doors have horizontal tracks permanently fixed to the top rear corners of the frame. This means that when the door is closed these tracks remain inside the garage space.

With the retractable plus type gear (available on doors up to 90 inches wide), there is no loss of drive through width at normal door mirror height. For doors over 90 inches wide there is a reduction in drive through width of c 120mm.

Up & Over Door Frames

All up and over garage doors require a goalpost type frame. This frame can be timber but the best solution is to fit the door with a factory fitted steel frame. These steel frames are generally finished in the same way as the actual door. Canopy doors are available in 60mm or 75mm wide frames. Retractable and retractable plus doors are only available in 75mm width. The frame header is 50 - 70mm depending on make / size. 
Note the picture showing the latest cranked arms which offer maximum drive through width at door mirror height for most vehicles.

Open For Infill Frame

The DIY garage door

Open for infill doors are supplied with an open door panel for you to create your own design of door! If you have a specific finish or type of wood in mind then these OFI door panels allow you to use what you want subject to following the weight and dimension guidelines. Available in canopy and retractable gear and a wide range of sizes in both white and brown powdercoat.

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